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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can anyone else use my logo?
Once you purchase a logo, we remove it from the site. Our designers have agreed to not sell the logo to another individual or organization. However, this does not "trademark" the logo for you. You will need to contact a Trademark Attorney to begin that process if you wish. The designer may still use the logo to display in portfolios of their work.

Can I customize the logo?
Possibly. Logos are sold "as is" for the list price. However, you can contact the designer directly for customization services. If the designer agrees, he/she will provide a customization quote for you. This "add on" will be billed directly from the designer of your chosen logo. The Logo Supply is not responsible for and cannot guarantee any customization service. That is between you and the designer.

What types of files am I getting?
You will receive a vector .EPS file (Illustrator CS2 formatted), and high-resolution .JPG and .PNG files. This should suffice for most applications. Additional file types will require a customization quote with the designer.

Does the low price financially hurt designers?
No, you're actually helping them. The Logo Supply helps by monetizing what would be unusable projects for designers.

Can I get the font that is used in my logo?
Fonts are owned by their creator, and designers purchase a license to use them. This license does not transfer. However, when applicable, we will provide links for the purchase of a font.

Can I tell my friends about The Logo Supply?
Absolutely! And, connect with us on social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


How do I submit a logo?
Logos are submitted through the Sell page, and are subject an approval process.

What logos can I sell?
They have to be yours, of course. If you did the work as part of an agency, it is likely that the agency owns it. Please check your employee agreement.

Can I change my mind and not sell a logo?
Only if the logo has yet to be sold. Let us know as soon as possible:

What is the criteria for approval?
We say that our library is "curated," so logos must meet our artistic and formatting standards. If we don't think it looks good enough to sell, we won't list it.

What types of files do you accept?
We accept VECTOR-only files in the Adobe Illustrator CS2 format. Nothing in the file should be rasterized. You can save in this format by "Save As...", then click "Save", and change the Version to "Illustrator CS2".

What is the pricing structure? How am I getting paid?
All logos are listed for $250. You will receive $200 of that. You will be notified when your item sells, and funds will be sent to you via PayPal within 5-7 business days.

The client has asked for customization work. What do I do?
The Logo Supply does not offer customization work through our site. We provide your email to the client in the case they have any customization questions. The client has been instructed that you will quote any customization work directly to them, and any billing will be handled directly between you. As you would with any freelance, please ensure you are doing your due diligence with contracts and billing cycles.